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Desert Rose

Inside the Damascus Rose, there is an extremely genuine aroma power. Why is it that only this kind of rose that gives people the unique yet powerful sensory magic? All of this is due to the power of lies. Damascus, one of the world's oldest inhabited cities, has a variety of myths and legends, all of them can be true and even become a religion.

In the South of Sahara,

Miles of yellow sand found this desert rose with thousands of petals.

The hidden pink blooms under the everchanging sand dunes,

Is this a dream or just a mirage?

Since the rise of this ancient city, Damascus has become a metropolis in the Middle East that merge the Europeans and Orientals together. On this dusty land, within the large and small markets, all kinds of business can be found. Businessmen with headscarf and mask riding with their camel and caravan, speaking dialects from different regions, because of business everyone is speaking with lies but no one get real hurt. All these legendary stories enable the road to Damascus filled with changing and dry atmosphere.

And the entire sandy road all relies on an essential oil to moisturize this dry and mysterious place. Besides the trade of spices, on that time the main reason for the Europeans to come to Damascus is because of "Desert Rose" essential oil. In Arabic, "Desert Rose" has the meaning of persevering and self-respecting personality. It is one of the oldest and most precious varieties of roses in the world. Its Latin name is called “Rasa Damascena”, the essential oil which extracted from it sometimes can be “more expensive than gold”.

​The rose grows in the vast desert, and because it is very difficult to extract which makes its oil more expensive and reserved. And the Europeans are crazy about it. The images of this rare rose are attached within their scent which makes you longing more of them. The scent of the rose is also mixed with a little bit of bergamot and jasmine, just like the heroic businessmen from all over the world, when they meet they seemed to be different but everything is at a balance.

Rosa Damascena

Aromatherapy essential oil

Also known as the “Rose Damascus ”, this rose essential oil has the reputation of “The Queen of Essential Oils”. 


It is said that the essential oil from Damascus has the best quality. Characterized with a sexy and charming floral aroma, and a sweet and fragrant smell.

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