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White Moss Woods 22
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White Moss Woods

Sometimes a blurry vision can enable us to have a clearer feeling. The mist in the air, the high humidity makes each breathe become more conscious. Because of this, the sentiments of the poets have enough room to be summoned. And all of these can be found in the Lake District.

In the Lake District of England

Poets’ inspiration was nourished by it

When they met the aroma of the white moss

Lightly and faintly

The world has become awakened again.

Known as the “Kingdom of the Poets”, the Lake District altogether has 16 small and large lakes. Together with the open lands, valleys, plateaus and waterfalls formed a beautiful scenery. At the beginning of the 19th century, this untamed natural environment nourished “the Rebellion of the Romantic Era” in British romantic poetry. At that time, the industrial revolution was thriving, you can easily imagine the grey-black smog of London, and very likely that the soul of the people was also covered with a thick dust.

The poet William Wordsworth and two of his friends, feeling disgusted with the smog and coldness of civilization, they run away from the city deep into the Lake District, hoping to regain the Romantic insight of the poets. These three "Lake Poets" seeing the looming lakes and mountains, in the lightly translucent fog, felt as if the elves of inspiration were walking in the forests and the lakes.

Surrounded by the smell of different plants such as the wet grass and moss, the lily of the valley and ylang ylang ringing in the wind. The jade sandalwood, also known as the “wood of life”, filled the air with slightly sweet, tea, grassy and earthy smell. It also has a blend of rose and lavender smell as well. If romance has a smell, it should come from the "white moss forest" inside the heart of the poets.

Bulnesia Sarmientoi

Aromatherapy essential oil

Originated from the "wood of life". Bulnesia Sarmientoi has a slightly sweet, grassy, tea aroma and earthy smell, similar to the blend of rose and lavender.


It can relax the tensed nerve, calm the tired body and mind. Other than this, it can also help to relieve muscle tension, firm the skin and repair the damaged hair conditions after hair dye.

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