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The Refined Smell

Kew Gardens Jasmine

The atmosphere of the royal British family is not necessarily daunting, sometimes it can be as dear as a jasmine tree next to you. Because you are in Kew Gardens!The famous "Kew Gardens" is located in the southwest suburb of London, in the Richmond area close to River Thames. At the beginning, it was a prestigious British royal garden.

Kew Gardens of London

With plants from all over the world

Jasmines were bathing under the spring sun

Elegant and extra ordinary

Just like the fairy in the Royal Botanic Garden.

The botanical collection of Kew Gardens can be traced back to 1759, it was said that the garden was enlarged and extended by Augusta, Dowager Princess of Wales, the widow of Frederick, Prince of Wales. Originally it was a garden of only 3.5 hectares. In 1840, Kew Gardens was handed over to the government for management, after three royal donations, the size of Kew Gardens reached 121 hectares. In this vast royal garden, there used to be a labyrinth made of plants. Princesses wearing farthingale dresses supported with frames used to play and chase in the garden.

In every turn and every chase, the scent of flowers and plants melts into your body. When you are surrounded by a garden of more than 50,000 plants, its very likely that you have walked into a museum of fragrance, using your own experience to get the best fit aroma. And the royal style has been inherited as time goes by, blooming like summer flower yet elegantly welcomes you to the door of amazing fragrance.

When you are inside the world's largest 19th-century Victorian temperate house, you will feel how everything is in evolution under your feet, peacefully mingle with each other.

Inside the garden, inadvertently you can smell the refreshing aroma from orange blossom, sweet osmanthus and freesia. And the jasmine can have a more elegant and refined flavor if they are supported by the woody aroma from the trees. Generally, the jasmine essential oil can only be collected under the moonlight, within the early hours in the morning. So, it is called the "Queen of the Night".

Inside the royal garden, the amazing stroll has been carried out under the bright moon light…


Aromatherapy essential oil

Royal jasmine is the latest invented fragrance, light and transparent, clear and elegant. After using it, it can create a natural and refined, noble and elegant feeling.

It contains the refreshing aroma from orange blossom, sweet osmanthus and freesia, together with jasmine, it helps to soothe the nerves and emotions, enhances self-confidence, and has a sense of romantic.

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