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The Taste of Love

Dijon Cassis

At some point in life, you need a glass of wine to soothe yourself, just like living in the city, you want to find reason to be loved. Since you are here, let me tell you a love story, a myth that has been told long time ago…


You must have seen a painting, the theme has been drawn by many Western artists before, a young man with grapes and vine leaves in his hair. He was Bacchus, the god of wine and viticulture. Although he was the child of Jupiter (the king of the gods) and goddess Proserpina, he had an unfortunate childhood. By chance, Bacchus learnt how to make wine from grapes. He also discovered that wine can help to cast away worries, making him forgot his trauma and pain. Since then, he liked to immerse himself in wines. When he was sober, he used to spread happiness on Earth, and taught people how to grow grapes and make wines. It is believed that Bacchus was associated with agriculture and harvests, as well as forests and fruit trees.


One day on a small island in the Aegean Sea, Bacchus met a beautiful mortal woman, Ariadne, who was heartbroken because her lover abandoned her. When she was about to attempt suicide by drowning, Bacchus appeared and soothed her emotions. He had fallen in love with her and asked her to marry him. After he married his pretty wife, Bacchus also received lessons of religious rites from Terra (the goddess of the earth). Since then, Bacchus has become a symbol of joy and love, and Bacchanalia (the festival of Bacchus) has become an important annual event in ancient Greek and Rome.


Addicted in fine wines, the ancient Romans are naturally born with a strong insistence in wine-making.  Always in pursuit of good locations with special terroir, they found a place with superb water quality and called it “Divio”, which means “sacred spring water”.  That is Dijon, the world heritage site where it is situated in Burgundy region, the world-famous French vineyard.  Ideal for growing grapes, the soil is abundant in complexity and viscosity with profound and breathable traits.  However, not many people outside France are informed of the fact that such soil is able to nurture distinguished blackcurrants, other than grapes.  The locals make use of these beautiful berries to make Crème de Cassis, the one-of-a-kind sweet wine from Dijon.  Have you tried champagne-blended “Kir Royal” cocktail?  This is probably the most popular champagne cocktail in the world.  Inside Crème de Cassis is a must for its dark and elegant colour, and also for its fragrant and sweet flavor.  After a slight sip, you will know; that is the taste of love.


Aromatherapy fragrance oil

Such a relaxing moment, just like step into a big tank full of blackcurrants, the rich and fruity fragrance rises from the soles of the feet bit by bit.


Imagine you are rooted on this particular terroir, the green grass is beside you, the orange and apple trees on the distant hills, the jasmine flowers on the roadside are all looking at you, breathing deeply, together with the spirits of Dijon, then all sucked into this big tank.


With the sweet smell of dry caramel from the earth, all reminds you the ancient route of Dijon. The complex soil layers in the ancient route has a special smell, which later transformed into a simple, yet intoxicating moment of enjoyment.

Then you are sure, you deserve to be loved.

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